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Kostka Polish Gel Base Elegance 8ml


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  • Base Elegance

    This Base is low viscosity, very thin, specially formulated to imitate Nail Polish effect.
    Base Elegance will be convenient for customers who prefer a completely natural look of their nails.
    Despite low viscosity of the base, it is still very firm, long-lasting and has excellent adhesion with the natural nail plate.
    Base Elegance is not recommended for beginners, only for professional use.
    Removes in 5 minutes with no damage to the nail.
    Does not shrink back from the free edge of the nail, can do 5 nails at the time.
    Applies like a Nail Polish in a very thin layer adding no thickness to the natural nail.
    Especially recommended for a pedicure.
    Soak off formulation.
    No testing on animals
    Completely made in Eu, including Raw materials.
    Don’t flow in cuticles.
    Extra durability
    Resistant to stripe and shock test
    Application in a thin layer
    Cures 30 sec/LED – 90 sec/UV
    This formula is fully compliant to EU regulations.

Množství: 8ml

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  • Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
  • Cosmetic GMP DIN ISO 22716 certified
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