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Acryl Gel Diamond Rose


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    -Nude rose color with fine sparkle particles
    -High Viscosity
    -Glitter effect
    -Excellent Coverage
    -Does not Flow into nail Edges
    -Designed for Salon and Extreme Forms and Dual Technique.
    -Soft to File
    -Excellent durability
    -Does not require special liquid,just regular Cleaner.
    -It has best characteristics from Gel and Acrylic.
    -Harder than Gel and more flexible than acrylic
    -Easy for control in combination with Kostka AcrylGel Tool.
    -Cures in UV/LED 120/90sec
    -No odor or toxic
    -Perfect for extension of nail bed and refill.

Množství: 35ml

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  • Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
  • Cosmetic GMP DIN ISO 22716 certified
  • MSDS sheets
  • INCI listings
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